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The Club That Secretly Scares the S*** Out of Me

I love a challenge, but this time I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ve bit off a little more than I can chew.” My agency’s newest client is a tough one. This club has mostly everything going wrong for it. It is located in a pretty remote spot with very little residential population. Its membership has…

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Why Your Club Needs a Bikini Car Wash

Recently this question popped up on my phone: It came from Dan Schmitz, a friend and colleague of mine in the private club industry who also sits on the membership committee at his local New Jersey club. He was heading to his committee meeting that evening to discuss strategy. I thought about it briefly and then typed…

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Membership Is Not a Logical Purchase

Think about the last pair of shoes you bought. Did you buy those shoes because they had more leather per square inch than the competitor? Or did you buy them because there were exactly 48 stitches per shoe, vastly superior to the other brands? Doubtful. More likely, you bought them because they looked great on…

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Membership is Not a Sprint

When it comes to private club membership, sales is not a sprint. Most people will agree with that simple and trite statement. You’ve probably heard it before from a board member or even a general manager. The problem is, the advice that comes next is often wrong too. The classic follow up to “it’s not a…

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