Membership Is Not a Logical Purchase

Think about the last pair of shoes you bought. Did you buy those shoes because they had more leather per square inch than the competitor? Or did you buy them because there were exactly 48 stitches per shoe, vastly superior to the other brands? Doubtful. More likely, you bought them because they looked great on you. They looked stylish. They … Read More

Membership is Not a Sprint

When it comes to private club membership, sales is not a sprint. Most people will agree with that simple and trite statement. You’ve probably heard it before from a board member or even a general manager. The problem is, the advice that comes next is often wrong too. The classic follow up to “it’s not a sprint,” is usually “it’s a … Read More

2015 Review and 2016 Marketing Predictions

2016 Marketing and Branding Predictions

As a new year quickly approaches it’s time to recap the year that was, as well as make some bold predictions for 2016. Let’s face it folks, marketing is not an inexpensive proposition. Whether it’s time or money or both, it’s important to maximize the resources you have available and generate a reasonable return on that investment. The goal of this report is to point you … Read More

5 Ways to Avoid Paralysis by Analysis

As the head of a design and marketing firm I’ve often run into the client that just can’t make up their mind. One day they love my design and vision for a campaign, and the next they’re sending me an email with changes and updates. You’ve probably experienced this in your business too, and maybe even been an offender. I see … Read More

Amazon to Disrupt Grocery with Drive Thru, and Why it Should Matter to You

On-demand will always win. Until you figure out how to deliver your products and services faster, you WILL lose marketshare. It’s a reality. It’s a promise. When the wheels start moving- in this case the wheels of consumer demand for more efficient delivery – you better hop on the train or you risk watching it leave the station. Amazon is … Read More