Don’t Let Your Customers “Cut the Cord” on You

3 Tips for Building a Stronger, Faster On-Demand Brand With HBO and Showtime’s forays into cable-free subscription models, the on-demand world can officially say it has arrived. Sure, Netflix and Hulu have been providing on-demand content for years, and forward-thinking media outlets have begun releasing applications to app stores, game consoles, smart TVs and more–but when an entrenched player like … Read More

Work Smarter, Not Harder By Repurposing Content

When I married my wife she gave me A LOT of fashion advice. I needed it too. I was a mess! Just look at this picture and you’ll see what I mean. The best advice she gave me was to focus on buying “basics”. Having these go-to items in my closet gives every outfit a solid foundation. These basics consisted … Read More

Avengers Trailer for Tweets, Why I’m Not a Fan and AdWeek Agrees

Will work for tweets? This is becoming a hot trend in social media. It goes by many names such as “Flock to Unlock” and more but the premise is the same. The concept involves relying on social media interest (read fanboys) to generate buzz which unlocks a special reward. Basically it’s another form of gamification. But I’d argue a really, … Read More

Why I shut off Pandora, It’s probably not why you think.

Pandora works on a freemium model. I get it. It’s a pretty successful model too. Pandora grossed $712 million in 2014 according to their Q4 report. When I first heard of the streaming service I thought it was groundbreaking…and it was at the time. Finding artists based on your musical taste, and streaming those tracks right to you, was a fantastic … Read More

One Word That Will Instantly Make You More Likable

I often hear people complain about their tone getting “lost in translation” in their email and text communications with clients. Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. The sharpest of wordsmiths and most seasoned of professional writers surely have someone take what they type the wrong way from time to time. Maybe the children of the next generation will figure out … Read More