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Why I shut off Pandora, It’s probably not why you think.

Pandora works on a freemium model. I get it. It’s a pretty successful model too. Pandora grossed $712 million in 2014 according to their Q4 report. When I first heard of the streaming service I thought it was groundbreaking…and it was at the time. Finding artists based on your musical taste, and streaming those tracks right…

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What Fantasy Football Has To Do With Business & Branding

“People are so impatient these days they can’t even wait an entire football season to play their fantasy games.” That was my friend Rob’s reaction to a commercial that came on the radio for  In case you aren’t a stat obsessed couch potato on Sundays like me and the other 41 million Americans and Canadians,…

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Why I Canceled My iPhone 6 Plus Pre-order Before Ship Date

I’ve been excited for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for months. Like a regular fanboy, I’ve studied tech blogs, surfed for leaked photos and poured over feature sets. I’ve had a Google Nexus phone for the past 2 years and I’m ready to switch back to Apple. I forgot why I switched to the Android-powered Nexus…

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The Most Innovative & Amazing New Product for Kids that Absolutely Fails

I have a 16 month old son. He’s a very independent little toddler. Like most his age, he is constantly picked up and taken places, fed what his mother and father decide to give him and he lives on a schedule that is predetermined for him by someone else. In short, he doesn’t get to…

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