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One Word That Will Instantly Make You More Likable

I often hear people complain about their tone getting “lost in translation” in their email and text communications with clients. Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. The sharpest of wordsmiths and most seasoned of professional writers surely have someone take what they type the wrong way from time to time. Maybe the children of the…

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Selfies Killed the Video Star

I just returned from a 10 day trip to Italy. My wife and I visited Rome, Venice and Florence. It was an amazing time. One thing stuck out for me on this trip, and it wasn’t the usual suspects like the food, wine or art. It was… the selfie pole! Every single tourist attraction had…

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One Simple Trick to Stand Out from Your Competition

We live in an increasingly impersonal world. One only has to sit on a bench in any shopping mall and look around for five minutes to prove my point. Children, teenagers and adults that walk by aren’t conversing, they’re surfing. There’s less and less conversation or debate at the food court tables, and many more…

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