How To Get More Reviews for Your Product or Service Guaranteed

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It’s no secret that online shoppers purchase products based on user reviews. This survey found 90% of online shoppers rely on  reviews in fact. Not only that, search engines like Google use reviews as a key indicator in search rankings. Internet marketers and SEO experts are constantly stressing this point, but I’ve seen very few offer any suggestions on how to do this. I wanted to share with you how I go about it for my own business, as well as how I help my clients get more honest reviews from their users.

Just in case you’re skeptical as to what effect reviews have on search rankings here is some proof. You’ll see in the graphic below that my company, Shake Creative, ranks twice in the homepage of Google. I opened up a new incognito window in the Chrome browser (which ensures the search results aren’t skewed to my browsing behavior) and typed in “graphic design tampa”. Shake Creative is listed in the “Places” results at the top as well as the organic search results. This is a huge accomplishment and results in my firm getting more business and making more money. It’s the Google Places result where reviews really have power. Fresh reviews help get you to the top.

Top spot SEO ranking for Graphic Design Tampa


So how do you get more reviews? Really, it’s very simple. Just ask. The catch is you have to ask AT THE PERFECT TIME. You see, just asking won’t actually get the job done. You’ve heard the old expression, “Timing is everything.” It holds true in the case of asking for online reviews as well.

I’ve found the best place to ask is when your happy customer has just completed payment. Instead of sending them to a standard “Thank you for your payment page”, I send clients to a page that asks for a review. Here’s the wording I use:

“Your payment of {Whatever their total is} was received. Thank you for your business! We hope we provided you excellent service, quality work and reasonable turnaround times. If that’s the case, we would be honored if you could leave a review for us on Google. (This link points directly to the Google review page where they can leave the review.)

So let me quickly break down the formula.

1) I give them what they expect / want first – their confirmation.

2) I’ve reminded them what a pleasant experience they just had which sets the tone for my request.

3) I ask for a simple gesture while it’s convenient for them instead of interrupting their day (I know they are not working on other things because they are on my site paying).

Please also note what I don’t do.

I don’t give them multiple options or sites to leave them on. I choose one (the one that gets me SEO juice, see screenshot above). This singular call to action is critical to getting more clients to leave me a review.

It’s really that simple. I get more reviews and consequently my page ranks better. It also results in more people trusting that my company has an exceptional product because others have left a recommendation. Try it out this holiday shopping season for yourself and watch 2015 sales get a bump.

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