Put the concepts from the The Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing into practice during a 12 month intensive course that combines mentorship with a group mastermind. This is a deep dive into Gabe’s core membership building methodology for those who want to increase their club’s membership. 

Participants will meet each month for 90 minutes of education, group discussion and problem solving. In addition, participants will have a 30 minute strategy call with Gabe each month to set goals, get advice, work through specific challenges, develop an action plan and more. Finally, each club professional will be paired up with an accountability partner to help ensure that commitments become actions. 

As a bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to tools and resources Gabe has used to successfully build membership at private clubs and win loyal clients for brands around the country.

Group sessions will be held on the 1st Thursday of each month at 1pm EST.  One-on-one mentoring sessions as your schedule allows.

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$125 per month or a one-time payment of $1,250.


Frequently Asked Questions

The 1-on-1 strategy meeting with Gabe is 30 minutes. The group session is 90 minutes. So count on 2 hours per month.
It’s all too easy to learn something on a purely academic level and then do nothing. Committing to putting what you learn into practice is critical to getting the most out of the course. 
No. Each group will be made up of professionals from different parts of the country and from diverse positions within their club or organization. This will ensure that there is no conflict of interest as well as provide opportunities for the group to solve problems from a wide range of perspectives.
No. This is a 12 month course developed specifically for those who want to put the core methodology found in the Definitive Guide to Membership Marketing into practice. It should not be seen as a replacement to any organization to which you already belong. It is not localized and not limited to a specific role within your organization. Groups may consist of managers, membership professionals, board members and even entrepreneurs outside of the private club industry.
Both will happen via a videoconference on the Zoom platform. You will need an internet connected computer with a webcam and audio capabilities.
Groups will be no less than 5 and no more than 10 participants. The optimal group size is between 6-8.

Course Syllabus

Month 1 – Overview & Goal Setting

Month 2 – Defining Your Market Potential & Avatar

Month 3 – Developing a Member LifeCycle

Month 4 – Building Your Brand & Story

Month 5 – Separating Logic from Emotions

Month 6 – Developing Product Lines

Month 7 – Membership Sales Action Plan

Month 8 – 7 Elements of Highly Effective Communication

Month 9 – Digital Marketing Workshop

Month 10 -Traditional Marketing Best Practices

Month 11 – Attracting Millennials and Gen X

Month 12 – Key Performance Indicators and Analytics

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