What Fantasy Football Has To Do With Business & Branding

“People are so impatient these days they can’t even wait an entire football season to play their fantasy games.” That was my friend Rob’s reaction to a commercial that came on the radio for FanDuel.com. 

In case you aren’t a stat obsessed couch potato on Sundays like me and the other 41 million Americans and Canadians, FanDuel is one of a few new sites offering a twist to “traditional” fantasy football. Instead of drafting your virtual team and living with the consequences for an entire season, FanDuel allows you to play in one-week-only leagues and head-to-head contests. That means you can get a new team every week, and you don’t have to grind through a 17 week season with a bunch of no-good scrubs.

Funny enough, just the other day I told someone this was the last year I would be playing “regular” fantasy football. After playing for 10 years, it has become stale and boring. Playing FanDuel for the past year has been much more interesting. It’s revitalized my interest in the “sport”. I’m busy running my businesses and I don’t have the time to research add/drops, find bye week replacements or wake up early to check the injury report on Sundays (if you’re not a player, this geeky stuff takes up hours of research). Regular fantasy football is simply too time consuming for me.

FanDuel is me in my underpants on Sunday when I feel like it
On the other hand FanDuel is immediate. There’s a result, good or bad, at the end of a weekend. I can start all over the next weekend, or skip it if I want. Regular fantasy on the other hand is a serious commitment to 9 or 11 other guys. You can’t take a week off or miss a start lest you invoke the wrath of the whole league. FanDuel is me in my underpants on Sunday when I feel like it.

Football watching is even changing for me and many others. I rarely watch an entire game anymore. Instead, I just watch RedZone where I see all the highlights, in real time, from every game. They switch from game to game for big plays and scoring opportunities. Now I don’t have to watch my beloved Buccaneers slowly unravel and lose while I pull my hair out strand by strand, I can just watch the highlights.

It’s not just football. Things have changed drastically for just about every industry in a pretty short time. Attention spans have dropped and demand has exponentially increased. Today it’s commonplace to swap your phone out every two years, but can you imagine your mom from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s switching hers out because they came out with new colors? Your mom would have laughed at the thought back then. But that’s life now, are you going to adapt?

Don’t be surprised when guys like Rob are lamenting the good old days when your brand was relevant. 
So I ask the question…What is your brand doing to pick up its pace? Are you still doing things the old way? I hope not. I hope you’re figuring out how to cut down your response time. I hope you’re streamlining your delivery processes. I hope you’re working with your vendors to deliver faster. I hope you’re going to bed every night and waking up every morning thinking of ways you can be more efficient. If you’re not, don’t be surprised when guys like Rob are lamenting the good old days when your brand was relevant.

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Posted on October 15, 2014 in Brand Commentary

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